Sample Valve Kit for BMK30

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BK30 - Sample Valve Kit for BMK30
AMSOIL now offers a Heavy-Duty By-Pass Oil Sampling Kit (BK30) designed for use with the AMSOIL Heavy-Duty By-Pass Filtration System (BMK30). The new kit installs directly onto the AMSOIL BMK30 mount and includes the Deluxe Oil Sampling Valve (G1570), providing oil samples at the push of a button. The Heavy-Duty By-Pass Oil Sampling Kit makes taking oil samples much easier, cleaner and more convenient.

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OIL ANALYZERS INC., 715-395-0222, is a division of AMSOIL that provides cost-effective, quality oil analysis services.

For more information on AMSOIL Ea Filtration products, including full-flow oil filters, air filters, and by-pass filters and mounts for light-duty equipment, consult the AMSOIL Ea Filtration brochure (G2202), and the Ea By-Pass Filter data bulletin (G498).