Gratta Oil has been a sole proprietorship since 1979, and choses to offer Amsoil synthetic lubricants because there are no higher quality lubricants available at any price.

Synthetic lubricants are superior to conventional oils because they are far more resistant to oxidation during use, and stay within viscosity range much better than regular oil. In addition to many other benefits, they are provide superior wear protection and maintain their lubricity under high heat.

Synthetics are designed in a laboratory, providing a lubricative fluid whose internal molecular structure are of the same size, whereas a conventional oil contains molecules of many different sizes which cause the internal friction and consequent heat build up internally within the fluid itself to be less desirable than the superior quality of synthetics. In addition, the paraffin (wax) evident in conventional oils do not exist in Amsoil synthetics, making Amsoil far more resistant to internal sludge build-up than a non-synthetic lubricant.

Gratta Oil offers Amsoil for every application you may need to address.

Whether you are interested in keeping up the family automobile or truck, or operate a factory with heavy industrial equipment requiring hundreds of gallons of compressor oil, or own a lawn maintenance service with small engine requirements, Gratta Oil and Amsoil is your appropriate choice for superior wear protection at the lowest possible cost.

Gratta Oil provides every kind of synthetic from motor oils, transmission fluids for every application from cars, trucks, tractors, buses, and heavy equipment. Gratta Oil provides a full line of Amsoil brake fluid, engine gear lubes and synthetic greases as well.

Machine shops and engine builders will find Amsoil Break-In Oil and Assembly Lube of special interest and boat owners and shipping line operators use Amsoil’s marine line of synthetic lubrication second to none.

Race teams and the performance oriented, whether it be auto racing or motorcycle, need look no further than Gratta Oil for all their synthetic application requirements.

Browse through Gratta Oil’s product section. You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you for choosing Gratta Oil.

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