How You Can Benefit

By Becoming an Amsoil Dealer

For people interested in establishing a business with which to make profitable income, an Amsoil dealership is an excellent way to do just that.

Amsoil dealers have excellent resources available to assist in establishing their business, which allows them to purchase Amsoil products at wholesale, dealer pricing and sell the products at retail. This can be accomplished in a number of ways.

Gratta Oil strongly emphasizes that the Amsoil dealership opportunity is not a “get rich quick” scheme. Quite the contrary, it does provide the ability to offer the finest lubrication products available today as a dealer to the general public and to also establish a broad customer base, whether they be retail catalog customers, preferred customers, commercial accounts, retail on-the-shelf over the counter type accounts, or through the establishment of other Amsoil dealers.

Gratta Oil also emphasizes that a “dealer” can establish as many preferred customers as they like, as well as setting up commercial, retail and dealership accounts, but if nobody purchases and sells products, nobody makes money. Amsoil does not, nor should they pay people for sponsoring dealers who do not buy or sell Amsoil, nor are any commissions earned in any way except through the purchase and sale of Amsoil products.

A complete business manual is available which describes in detail the various ways to capitalize on the Amsoil opportunity. Dealers have numerous ways in which to make money with Amsoil. They make commissions on products they sell as well as purchases that are made under their established Amsoil dealer account. This includes purchases made by their preferred customers, the retail and commercial accounts they set up, and commissions earned on the sales generated by people they sponsor as other Amsoil dealers.

Also available are many descriptive, full color brochures and other types of dealer aids, inclusive of clothing, signs, banners, caps, and accessories that may be effectively used to market the many Amsoil products you will be offering to your customers in your Amsoil business.

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