How You Can Benefit

By Establishing a Retail Account

Amsoil synthetic lubrication products sell!

Merchants interested in increasing profits can find establishing an Amsoil retail account to be an excellent way to accomplish their goal.

Establishing an Amsoil retail account allows the purchase of quality Amsoil lubrication products at wholesale cost for the purpose of resale at retail prices, thereby making a substantial profit on the difference.

Many quick lubes, auto parts stores, service centers, repair shops, motorcycle shops, farm equipment dealers, lawn mower shops, and new car dealerships have found that offering Amsoil to their customer base is an excellent way to provide their customers with the finest synthetic lubrication products available, while increasing their sales and improving their profits.

Amsoil that is prominently displayed in a store front business is not a hard sale to make. Most people have come to realize the superior quality of synthetics and many recognize Amsoil as the premier industry leader in the world of synthetic lubrication.

If you have a store front location, a quick lube, auto or truck service center, motorcycle, marine, lawn and garden center, or operate as an agricultural equipment dealer, contact Gratta Oil today and establish your Amsoil retail account!

Any store front location or retail operation that has a customer base requiring quality lubrication is an ideal candidate for an Amsoil Retail Account.

Client Testimonials

My husband Danny and I operate the family owned business of Mission Auto Parts in San Antonio, Texas. We are a complete service automotive machine shop, and offer the full line of Amsoil synthetics in our retail auto parts store. Our customers range from car, truck and van owners, to new car and truck dealer service departments, and race car drivers.

David M. Gratta of Gratta Oil is our independent servicing Amsoil Dealer. Of all the Amsoil dealers available, Mission Auto Parts does business with David M. Gratta and Gratta Oil, because no matter when Mission Auto Parts needs Amsoil synthetic lubrication products, services, or has a question, Gratta Oil is available by phone, responds to voicemail and replies to e-mail. David M. Gratta is a committed, reliable Amsoil dealer, and knowledgeable about the products and services Gratta Oil provides. When you need the help of an Amsoil dealer, Mission Auto Parts recommends David M. Gratta of Gratta Oil.

Amelia Webb
Owner Mission Auto Parts San Antonio,

I am especially pleased with Mr. Gratta’s advice, since I drive slightly less than 25,000 miles annually and now change my oil and filter only once a year!

Thank you Amsoil, and thank you, David M Gratta!

David T. Slight