I own and operate a very busy paint and auto body repair shop equipped with two industrial 10 HP DeVilbiss reciprocating air compressors. Proper maintenance of these compressors is critical to our business operations.

Prior to using Amsoil compressor oil, one of the problems we were having was with the compressor crankcase oil mixing with the output air and showing up downline at our paint booths. David M. Gratta of Gratta Oil is our Amsoil dealer. Mr. Gratta suggested we switch to Amsoil synthetic compressor oil, and begin fluid analysis as part of our regular compressor maintenance program. I am very glad he made this suggestion.

Just prior to switching to Amsoil compressor oil, we followed Mr. Gratta’s advice and ran fluid analysis on both of our compressors with Amsoil’s Oil Analyzers service, offered to us by Gratta Oil. We found that although we had changed the oil in both units according to schedule, our secondary compressor’s conventional oil had become too thick because of the higher heat levels at which this particular compressor was operating. We determined through fluid analysis the non-synthetic compressor oil had oxidized due to operational heat, falling out of viscosity range and becoming too thick by 20 points!

Upon receiving this news, we immediately flushed the sumps on both compressors, and switched from the conventional oil we were using to Amsoil compressor oil. Now, our compressors start easier, run quieter and far cooler. I am certain they are both consuming considerably less energy to operate using Amsoil synthetic compressor oil. Our electric bill is lower as a result.

In addition to the smoother and less expensive operation, we now no longer experience oil showing up downline at our paint booths after switching to Amsoil. The benefits my company has received through the use of Amsoil synthetics and fluid analysis services we obtain from Gratta Oil, cannot be overstated. We are very pleased with the results.

John Lazzarino

MAACO Collision Repair & Auto Painting
Hattiesburg, Mississippi U.S.A.

I've used Amsoil's Dual Remote Bypass Oil Filtration System, and an Absolute Efficiency air filter on my 1997 GMC pickup since 2007. I use oil analysis, and Signature Series 0W-30 with extended oil change intervals. With oil analysis I found fuel dilution, and a coolant leak in the intake. I used a sealer to stop the leak, and Amsoil’s Performance Improver to clean the fuel injectors. Later oil analysis confirmed the leak was stopped and the fuel dilution was corrected. Because of Mr. Gratta, I was able to avoid over $1,000.00 in repairs.

Ralph Bullock

Seminary, Mississippi

I do not change my own oil. In fact I have not turned a wrench on my vehicles since I was in high school. I drive a late model Ford F-150 pickup and I now have my Ford dealer do all service for me. I use Amsoil 0W-20 Signature Series 25.000 mile motor oil, and an Amsoil “Absolute Efficiency” oil and air filter. I just bring my Amsoil to the Ford dealer and they charge me for the labor only associated with my oil and filter changes. The last oil change I had I paid only $16.95 labor for my oil and filter change, supplying my own parts; and as I said this was at the dealer. The service department at my Ford dealership expressed their awareness of the premium quality of Amsoil. I am well pleased to know the use of Amsoil does not void my new Ford vehicle warranty.

Also, I am concerned about the environment. One of the pluses of not having to change my oil every 5,000 miles, is that I am not creating more waste oil which is damaging to the environment. Since I am using Amsoil Signature Series 25,000 mile motor oil, I’m no longer stressing about taking my vehicle in for service every 5,000 miles,

My Amsoil dealer, David M Gratta, suggested I use the 25,000 mile Amsoil Absolute Efficiency oil filter and the 100,000 mile air filter to go with my Amsoil Signature Series motor oil.  I am especially pleased with Mr. Gratta’s advice, since I drive slightly less than 25,000 miles annually and now change my oil and filter only once a year!

Thank you Amsoil, and thank you, David M Gratta!

David T. Slight

Schertz, Texas

My husband Danny and I operate the family owned business of Mission Auto Parts in San Antonio, Texas. We are a complete service automotive machine shop, and offer the full line of Amsoil synthetics in our retail auto parts store. Our customers range from car, truck and van owners, to new car and truck dealer service departments, and race car drivers.

David M. Gratta of Gratta Oil is our independent servicing Amsoil Dealer. Of all the Amsoil dealers available, Mission Auto Parts does business with David M. Gratta and Gratta Oil, because no matter when Mission Auto Parts needs Amsoil synthetic lubrication products, services, or has a question, Gratta Oil is available by phone, responds to voicemail and replies to e-mail. David M. Gratta is a committed, reliable Amsoil dealer, and knowledgeable about the products and services Gratta Oil provides. When you need the help of an Amsoil dealer, Mission Auto Parts recommends David M. Gratta of Gratta Oil.

Amelia Webb

Owner Mission Auto Parts San Antonio, Texas