Gratta Oil would like to assure you if you are wondering whether the use of a synthetic motor oil, or practicing extended oil change intervals will void your vehicle warranty, there is no cause for concern. Any lubricant meeting the viscosity grade and service classification required by the manufacturer of your vehicle meets warranty requirements; and in addition if the manufacturer or dealer states you have to use a particular brand of oil, they are required by the U.S. Federal law known as “The Manguson-Moss Warranty Act” to provide the product and the service for free!

Gratta Oil offers Amsoil synthetics which meet viscosity and service classifications well within keeping of new car warranties and requirements.

Moreover, the Amsoil lubricants offered by Gratta Oil are covered by the Amsoil Limited Warranty, and if a lubrication failure occurs that damages the lubricated component, Amsoil will pay for the repairs. You can read the full Amsoil Warranty here.

Example Of A Warranty Claim Wrongfully Denied:


A person finds themselves stranded by a highway because a crankshaft sensor or an ignition or fuel system component went out on their vehicle’s engine. The vehicle in our example is still new enough to be within the manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty or is covered by an extended warranty.

The stranded motorist has the vehicle towed into the closest dealer and shortly after arrival the dealership service advisor asked the owner of the vehicle what kind of oil is in the vehicle and when the oil was last changed. The customer states they are using Amsoil Signature Series 5W-20 full synthetic motor oil and they changed their motor oil 18,000 miles ago, eight months previous. The owner is then informed by the dealer that they will not repair the vehicle under warranty because the vehicle is following an extended oil change interval, and that the warranty has therefore been voided. This kind of refusal to repair the vehicle is not permissible, because in the first place the failure of the parts involved have nothing to do with the lubricant used or oil change interval schedule followed, and secondly just such a warranty denial is not allowed under the Manguson-Moss Warranty Act.

To read more about Warranties and Amsoil click here.

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